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Waiting for Lightword

Hi there,

Lightword is already uploaded and we just have to wait for the approval by wordpress.

Stay tuned!

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Lightword live!

Lightword is finally live!

Here are the fixes:

- Custom menus completely defined within the menu
- LightWord WILL NOT add a "Home" button. Option  available with auto-generated menus.
- Rewrite menu code to use fewer computationally expensive functions
- No invalid HTML with "Show only in posts" sidebox option and comments closed
- Custom menu falls back to the auto-generated menu if the former can't be shown
- New option: Path to favicon
- Single page template sidebar and front menu issues fixed

Have fun with it!

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Lightword live!

Happy new year with live!

Here are the fixes:

- Nested menus don't render properly issue fixed
- Added an option to disable WP3 menus
- Search form should no longer be placed too high when RSS badge is enabled (not removed)

Have fun and best regards

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Lightword live!

Just added the czech language file.

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Lightword live now

After a few fixes concerning WordPress 3.0.1 I released Lightword

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Lightword V live

New features and fixes out now! Regards!

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Lightword Theme!

Hi all!

A new version of lightword theme is going to be online. There were some problems, so we skipped and - the next version will be

The fixes:

Fixed  second-siderbar problem with IE7
- Cufon error on IE fixed
- WordPress 3.0 Features supported  (background or menus)
- refreshed Code, replaced deprecated functions with new, updated ones

- several PHP Warning caused by Save/reset buttons
- revised Image alignment
- rss badge issue fix in Single page template
- extra footer content fixed

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LightWord Theme V now online!

Hi there,

The update to Version is out now.

Solved fixed:

- Comment reply link on pages
- Fixed: Older/previous comments link on page

See you!

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LightWord Theme online!


LightWord was updated to version!


- New admin panel fields were added
- Stripslashes bug was fixed on theme settings fields
- Spanish language was improved and the functions.php
- New Cufon option: CSS3 Font-face

Enjoy it!

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LightWord Theme

Hi there,

The Lightwordtheme V is now online:

The bulgarian language file was added!


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