ITIL 4 Books Library

The ITIL library defines the goals and activities and parameters of each of the IT service management processes, but does not contain any specific descriptions of how these processes are carried out, since they can be different in different companies. The purpose of this library is to help you plan your most used processes, roles, and activities by identifying the relationships and required interactions between them. Part of the ITIL library philosophy is based on quality standards (such as the ISO-9000 series).

Currently, the ITIL library exists in the form of several books. Two of them, dedicated to the provision and support of services, are considered the most popular – as practice shows, the solution of the priorities for the implementation of the best practices of IT service management is implemented according to the recommendations given in these two books.

Provision of services

The ITIL Service Delivery book describes the requirements necessary to provide IT services. It covers the following IT service management processes:

  • service level management;
  • IT financial management;
  • capacity management;
  • IT service continuity management;
  • availability management.

This ITIL book also included a section on information security management, although this area is not directly related to the area of ​​service delivery.