Laptop for machine learning

Perhaps a couple of years ago, when choosing a laptop for machine learning, the choice would certainly have been mainly from the category of light and portable models with long battery life. But the complexity and variety of tasks is growing, and if the functionality of a typewriter and a device for viewing videos is clearly cramped for you, you should pay attention to productive models with a discrete GPU.


For engineering students, laptops with GeForceRTX 30 graphics cards provide real-time, interactive rendering for 3D design and simulation, as well as fast visualization for mechanical, structural, and electrical simulations.

Comfort of video conferencing and online lectures

At a distance, many faced difficulties in organizing a comfortable workplace. And here, NVIDIA Broadcast technology came to the rescue, which allows you to blur and replace the background and remove unnecessary noise. The noise of a neighbor’s drill, water, walking, creaking doors – RTX-based artificial intelligence allows you to remove noise in real time. NVIDIA Broadcast works with all leading video conferencing applications for distance learning.

Speed ​​up creative apps

Another important advantage of a powerful graphics card in a laptop is the ability to increase the speed of work in creative applications.

3D graphics, video rendering, photo processing – these are the areas where a powerful graphics card will save hours of life. Adobe Photoshop, Premier Pro, DaVinci Resolve and 70+ applications are accelerated on NVIDIA RTX graphics.

NVIDIA works closely with all application developers to ensure perfect compatibility between hardware and software. For users of creative applications, the company has separate drivers – Studio. They ensure the stability and reliability of applications so that nothing is lost in the event of a failure.

Basically, any gaming laptop with an RTX graphics card will speed up your work with photos, videos, animations, and 3D graphics.

Well, if you work with content seriously, we recommend that you pay attention to laptops with the RTX Studio certificate. With this badge, the company rewards models whose configuration (GPU, CPU, memory, screen quality) is optimally suited for professional work with visual content. Such models are in the lines of all manufacturers.

High performance

Well, finally, a few words about the game. With the RTX 30, you’ll always have top gaming performance and access to all the cutting edge technology for gamers. With up to 2x more frames per second in dozens of games, thanks to DLSS technology (also powered by RTX Tensor Cores and using the power of AI), Reflex will simplify aiming by improving the responsiveness of controls. Finally, NVENC’s own hardware encoder will allow you to stream without performance drops and speed up video encoding in Premiere Pro.